Ridge Manor Christian Academy

Curriculums Used

At Ridge Manor Christian Academy we take pride in the curriculum we choose to educate our students. We have careful analyzed different curriculums and have chosen the ones that we feel will bring the most educational success to each child while also helping them learn and grow throughout each academic school year. Our goal when choosing a curriculum is to create a Christian-based learning environment where they will not just learn about the different academic subjects but also about God and the Bible. We believe that using this type of curriculum will also help build Christ-like behaviors and help our children learn and grow in faith and understanding. 


Kindergarten - Third Grade

Abeka offers a complete range of textbooks, workbooks, readers, lesson plans, and teaching aids all written and designed based on a proven approach helping students learn and succeed. This curriculum is created by teachers for teachers to help like-minded educators create and successful teaching environment for their classroom. 

For over 50 years, Abeka has been empowering teachers and promoting academic excellence to help Christian educators succeed in the field of teaching. They provide an excellent curriculum that we use from Kindergarten to Third Grade that has helped our students learn how to read more accurately, work on penmanship and cursive handwriting, explore their abilities through art and creativity, and more. With Abeka we feel confident about the education that your child will receive. 


Fourth - Twelfth Grade

“Ignitia Virtual Academy is nationally accredited through Cognia. This is the same accreditation awarded to public schools, and is fully recognized by high schools and colleges across the country. After undergoing extensive evaluation, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) approved the instructional model and curriculum in ELA, math, social studies, and world languages for online instruction of student athlete.” according to Ignitia. 

Ignitia provides online 3–12 school courses that engage the students in the material, with a rich multimedia presentation and interactive lessons throughout the course. However, we start using Ignitia in 4th grade. The entire curriculum is available at anytime through the virtual classroom, allowing students to complete their coursework at their own pace and being able to complete assignments from home.

Dual Enrollment for High School Students

We work hand in hand with our high school student to help them be set for a bright future after graduation. At Ridge Manor Christian Academy we help pay for college classes for our students to help them complete high school with an associates degree. We believe that pushing them to succeed and explore new aspects of life, such as attending college, will help them continue to pursue a better and brighter future. 

Colleges That Our Students Can Attend

** Note: School pays for these college classes but not for materials such as books, applications, etc. For more information please contact the school administrator. 

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