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We look forward to having your family join our RMCA family. At Ridge Manor Academy we take pride in our staff and overall community and hope to bring a positive and Christian loving environment to all of our students and families. When enrolling into RMCA there will be an enrollment application for new and returning families. You can learn more about this application below along with details about scholarship opportunities to help with any financial needs. However, for the new school year there are a few requirements an deadlines to meet. These can also be found inside the enrollment application. You can fill out the application and turn it in at our administrators office. You can also call ahead of time to schedule an appointment to go over any parts of the application where you may need to have a notary available. We provide this service free of charge for school related documents in the admin office for all of our families. 


  • Completed RMCA application (including uniform order size and records request (if applicable) pages)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of each child. 
  • Updated/Most Recent School Physical
  • Update/Most Recent Immunization Records (or current religious exemption form)
  • Copy of Parent/Guardian’s Driver’s License


  • Birth certificate, school physical, immunization record or religious exemption form, copy of parent/guardian’s driver’s license due upon submitting application.
  • Enrollment fee $175 per child enrolling due upon submitting application
  • Re-enrollment fee and application for 2023 – 2024 school year due by March 31, 2023.
  • Always accepting new enrollments for each school year. 

Scholarship Information

At Ridge Manor Christian Academy we provide families the opportunity to get financial support for their child’s education through various scholarships. Some of these scholarship opportunities are listed below. Each one has their own requirements to be met along with information that needs to be provided to the admissions office at the school. 

Accepted Scholarships & School Requirements

  • Step Up For Students FTC/FES (FL Tax Credit/Family Empowerment Scholarship): Submit Awards Letter
  • Step Up For Students FES-UA (Unique Abilities): Submit Awards Letter AND School Commitment FormStudent ID (note: not application ID)
  • Step Up For Students HOPE: Submit Awards Letter AND School Commitment Form
  • Step Up For Students New Worlds Reading Scholarship: Submit Awards Letter
  • AAA: Submit School Commitment Form
  • AAA-UA: Submit Awards Letter AND School Commitment Form

For More Information Contact Our RMCA Administrator

Frequently Asked Questions

We use two curriculums to better accommodate our students’ needs. Abekas Kindergarten – 3rd — Pencil to paper to assist with writing skills and hands education. Ignitia 4th -12th —On-line curriculum accessible 24-7 for students advance at their own
pace. You can learn more about our curriculums offered here

8:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday -Friday

RMCA will not be providing daily transportation to students for the 2023-2024 school year. We will be providing transportation for field trips.

Yes, we accept students with IEP. Additional one-on-one assistance is provided for students with IEP’s daily. Their progress is updated daily.

Yes, our curriculum is designed to allow students to work at their own pace. Students can excel and move into higher grade work and levels when they have mastered their present level. (Mastered is defined as passing with a minimum of a (B) grade average.

Additional assistance is provided when the teacher, principal and parents identify and agree on area of academic struggle for the student. The student receives one-on-one assistance from an additional assistance teacher and works with the student to master the area of difficulty.

Generally, most of our teachers are certified through the Department of Education or through private certification associations. RMCA also hires teachers that are working on their certification, a bachelor’s degree in education or are interning. The majority of our teachers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Yes, speech therapy is available for students. RMCA works closely with in-house or external professional assistance provided for our students.

Yes, occupational therapy is available for students. RMCA works closely with in-house or external professional assistance provided for our students.

RMCA does not provide lunches currently. Students must bring their lunches. RMCA is not allowed by the health department to heat-up lunches in microwaves. Hot lunches can be placed in thermoses designed to maintain the temperature in the thermos. Generally, cold or bag lunches are what parents provide for our students.

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