Ridge Manor Christian Academy

About Ridge Manor Christian Academy

Ridge Manor Christian Academy opened its doors in 2006 with three students and two staff members. Dr. Fred Puentes and a volunteer church member were the first teachers of RMCA. We have come a long way since then. Presently, Ridge Manor Christian Academy employs seventeen full and part time staff and faculty members. This makes RMCA one of the larger employers of the Ridge Manor community. 

On average, the school has between 120 to 135 students during an academic year. The average class size is 10 to 14 students per grade level. We find that this ratio of students to teachers is very manageable and very productive giving teachers an opportunity to spend more quality time with their students.

The board members of Anchor of Our Souls Ministries have always believed that part of the  great commission includes making Christian education available to our nation’s youth. The need  for students to receive an education is not solely led by the merits of the educational system but  one that reveals God’s character, qualities, and love. Ridge Manor Christian Academy (RMCA)  was born out of that need in Ridge Manor.

The necessity for a local Christian school with Biblical values in the Ridge Manor community became more and more obvious as church members and neighbors inquired about establishing a school to address their needs more specifically. While the overall vision of the church was to eventually be more involved in Christian education, the planned time frame was still several years away. After much prayer and discussion, Dr Fred and the Board of Directors agreed that starting the school sooner, rather than later would be more beneficial for the community.  

Ridge Manor Christian Academy has continued to provide a quality Christian education for over 17 years. We are able to do this in part by employing the best trained and gifted teachers available in the central Florida area. Our teachers understand the importance of their role in the student’s success and Christian lifestyle. Teaching is not viewed as just a job by our educators but understood to be a calling. 

Another important part of our success is providing the best caliber curriculum available in the private academic market today. It is important for our curriculums to be flexible and modifiable while also supporting and maintaining Biblical values and perspectives. Our administrative staff is continually in search of new and proven advancements in academia. We believe we need to stay on the cutting edge of educational advancements.

On average about 10% of our high school students are dual enrolled in a college of their choice while still attending Ridge Manor Christian Academy. Students that excel can graduate from High School while at the same time receive an associates degree from college. This is just one of the many wonderful possibilities with our curriculum and unique program. 

However, Ridge Manor Christian Academy is not for everyone. We recommend that as a parent/caregiver you read and thoroughly understand the handbook, the school’s statement of faith and convictions. The School Handbooks state in detail the spiritual, scriptural, and moral convictions of the school as an entity. It is important that you fully understand as a parent/caregiver you will be required to sign and agree to support, respect, and help enforce all of its contents and convictions. You can find these philosophies below. 

The Philosophy of RMCA

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