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Greetings Parents and Care-givers,

In these challenging times, the staff of RMCA continues to pray and keep you and our students close to our thoughts. As of 1/12/2021, our contingency plan was initiated, until further notice.

Please continue to read the information provided for you on a regular basis through the communication folders . We can make this transition a very smooth one for everyone involved by working together. You can also continue to come to this home page for updates on a regular basis. 

I cannot over emphasis, that we all need to work closer than ever in this season. Thank you, for your cooperation and assistance. RMCA’s staff is working hard to ensure that your children continue to advance in their education. As always, we are here to serve and help you and your family to succeed.

Sincere regards, 

Dr. Fred Puentes


Updated Information as of 1/14/2021