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At Ridge Manor Christian we use the (ACE) Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. There are a number of reasons why we have incorporated ACE as our curriculum of choice, but the primary reason is that it is truly one of the best curriculum’s available in the world today.

Individualized Education is the primary focus of ACE, giving each student the ability to work at their own pace. This method of education helps students to not become frustrated  with how fast or slow a class as a whole may or may not be moving. No unreasonable time lines are set for students to finish their work or studies. Each student has specific daily goals the teachers and students agree upon and work together to accomplish. No student is ever degraded or passed over, left behind or labeled by any particular agency’s set standard.

Every child learns differently; some topics are easier for students to excel in, others are not. ACE sees every building block of a student’s education as crucial to the overall success of the student. We at RMCA agree that when a thorough and solid foundation is laid, the sky truly is the limit for student.

To learn more about this wonderful curriculum click the video below.